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Beta Testers Needed for the New Babies Online 2.0!

Try the new Babies Online 2.0 Beta!

Ok, here’s a fun and helpful project that needs your help to ensure its success. Babies Online 2.0 beta is up and waiting for testers to test how well it works. No need to worry that setting up the beta account will affect your existing Babies Online baby pages. The two are independent until the testing period is over.

You may wonder what is a beta and who is a beta tester? A beta is simply a new or upgraded version of an existing software that is being developed. Beta testers are people who test this software to identify what works and what doesn’t, what could be added or taken away.  Your feedback will help shape what will ultimately become the final product. For those persons who become beta testers the thrill and challenge of being the first to test new software is exciting. Don’t you want to be among the first to use the new Babies Online?

If you already love Babies Online why not become a Beta Testers to make it even better? Click the here to set up a beta account.

The new site is really very attractive and easy to use. Some neat features include:

  • Create a post
      You can now create a post to record whatever you wish. This virtual journal gives you the ability to record happenings in the life of you and your children.
  • Enter a milestone
    • This feature allows the opportunity to capture each precious moment or milestone in a baby’s life as they grow or each stage of your pregnancy. The first smile, first haircut etc can now be recorded and shared with others online. One special part of this is the pre-selected milestones to jog your memory. These pre-selected milestones are many and include:
      • Pulled Myself Up Alone
      • Discovered hands
      • Cravings
      • Spreading News
  • Post a picture
      Every parent wants to show off pictures of their children and this feature gives them the opportunity. This remote storage of your prized pictures will make it easy to share them with family and friends anywhere in the world. An added bonus is that you will always know where they are!

I liked the quick Invite Your Friends sidebar as it both prompts you in an in obstructive way to invite others to Babies Online without making you do too much work. The Guestbook and Status Message add-ons are neat features that add to the experience as well.

In addition the color scheme and imagery is relevant to the theme of babies and children. The colors used are cool and inviting and provides a sense of calm.

My favorites from the original site will be transferred over too! Such as Your Pregnancy Week by Week with due date calculator and Your Baby Week by Week.

Babies Online 2.0 is ready for beta!

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