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Conceptionmoons (conception honeymoons) are big these days. Couples are encouraged to take trips to relax and time these with the woman’s fertile period. This is a great idea for those who are already trying to conceive but don’t want to commit to the whole fertility workup just yet… or those who have been undergoing fertility treatments for so long and want a break from the needles.

It can just be a weekend in the country or a beach getaway to enjoy some sun and a lot of fresh air. It can be the perfect time to return to bird watching or stargazing. It can even be the perfect time to try new things, like bungee jumping or white-water rafting. It may sound weird but adrenaline rush actually makes people more libidinal, maybe because they get to scream and sweat the stress off their bodies. At least, making love would not seem like the chore it has been for the many months that you’ve been trying.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, we all need a break from work anyway!

Maybe you’d want to take it a step further. If you’re willing to try anything, why not time these conceptionmoons with fertility festivals? The Hounen Matsuri Festival in Japan happens every March. Squeeze in a trip to the wonderful Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and learn about dolphins there or get made-up like a geisha and have wonderful pictures taken.

Or maybe it’s really wonderful beaches and surfing that appeal to you. The Obando Festival in the Philippines happens every May 17-19. Maybe you can spend several days first in Palawan or Davao (or even popular Boracay) to destress before attending the festival and dancing in the street with the many believers who have been blessed with, or are asking for, a child. These things are not going to hurt (well, maybe your pocket) but will be enriching experiences to bond you closer with your partner and lead you both to reflect on why you really want to have kids.

Laugh, swim, frolic the stress away. Let the sun do you good. And in the event that you don’t get pregnant during your vacation, at least you are now refreshed for more of the workups and you got a much needed break away from it all.

Seriously, there’s no better reason to travel… especially since traveling may take a backseat for awhile when you do get pregnant or when there’s already a baby.

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