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10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

Have you and your partner decided to get pregnant? If you have, congratulations. Trying to get pregnant can be a snap for some couples, but for others, it may take awhile. Before you and your partner take the plunge however, you’ll be ahead of the curve if you try to at least do some of the following. You’ll not only feel healthier, it may even better your chances of conception and a healthy baby in the end.

  1. Make a visit with your ob/gyn or general physician. Tell them of your plans, they’ll most likely due a routine examination and then tell you of anything you should work on. Whether it be weight, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you’re given an all-clear, they’ll most likely prescribe you some prenatal vitamins.
  2. Regularly take the prenatal vitamins. Physicians usually recommend taking the vitamins for at least two months, so you’re body is nice and stocked with the essential vitamins that helps you while pregnant. The most important of this is folic acid, which aids in the baby’s brain development for the first few months and helps avoid any potential brain defects. You need at least 400 grams of folic acid and you’re prenatal vitamins is the one that will pack the appropriate punch.
  3. Start exercising and stick to it. It’s more important now than ever before to get healthy. I wish I had gotten ultra-fit before I tried to get pregnant. Studies show that the fitter you are before getting pregnant, the faster you’ll get back to your pre-pregnant weight. And let’s face it, that’s mom’s top desire immediately following the desire to have a healthy and happy baby. You’ll also be able to carry the added weight of pregnancy if you’re exercising, be less stressed, and more limber. All of which could greatly help in labor.
  4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, even second-hand smoke. Both can get in the way of getting pregnant, and it’s not healthy having any of the carcinogens in cigarettes or any alcohol in your system even at the very beginning of conception.
  5. Start eating healthy. The healthier you are, the better your body is prepared to start conceiving and nurturing a baby inside you. Getting into a habit now will help stave off the “I’m pregnant so let me eat what I want” excuse. Your future baby will soon be ingesting everything you put into your mouth, so watch what you eat.
  6. Start saving. Babies cost money. A LOT of money. Even with generous parents or friends, you’ll want a nice cushion to help you once the baby comes. You’ll suddenly find you absolutely need that new and top of the line infant swing once you heard it helps babies get to sleep faster. It’s also nice to have savings so you are not beholden to your company’s stingy maternity leave (for those who aren’t as lucky as others).
  7. Start looking at your health insurance policy. The earlier you’re forearmed with knowledge, the better. I had a top-notch insurance policy. All I had to pay, literally, were $300 out of pocket. My best friend’s brother’s family however, had to fork out $2000 because their policy wasn’t as inclusive.
  8. Start investigating your work-place’s maternity leave? How much money will you need to save up if you plan to stay home for 6 months after the baby’s born? Is your job save if you wish to stay home that long? Be in the know.
  9. Find out when you ovulate. There are many different methods. You can time your periods, take your temperature (there’s a small spike in body temperature when ovulating), etc. Research the different methods and time your bedroom forays on the right day.
  10. Last but not least: Relax! Do yoga, practice meditation, and breathing exercises. The more relaxed you are, the better your chances at conceiving.

Good luck!

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