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American Academy of Pediatrics Travel Tips

Just released from the American Academy of Pediatrics: travel tips for little kids. All I can say is: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I suppose if my family bopped in and out of airports every other month, I might figure out some of these on my own. But we don’t travel very much so I’m not a seasoned pro. That makes the trips we DO take so much more meaningful, and in some ways, it raises the stakes. When we take one trip every other year we want it to be good.

The following ideas were compiled by the AAP from their own literature as well as the Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.

A few of my favorites are summarized below. Happy Trails to You!


Of course, follow all car seat laws. Better yet, follow all of the suggestions (which are more stringent). That means:

  • facing year until one year AND 20 pounds.
  • in a belt-positioning booster until 4’9′ in height.
  • in the back seat until age 13.
  • Plan to stop every two hours (This one is difficult for me. I get so impatient?)
  • Bring lots of toys and CDs and snacks for the trip.


  • It takes longer to go through security with children. Leave early, and make sure the kids know someone will be handling their things.
  • Let older kids know that it’s not a funny joke to say, ‘My dad has a bomb in his bag.’
  • Buy your child under 2 his own ticket and strap him into his carseat. You’ll both be happier.
  • For once, you can let the kids blow bubbles through the straw-it helps pop their ears.

Going overseas

  • Make sure everyone’s vaccines are up-to-date.
  • Start adjusting for jet lag a few days before you leave.

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