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When Do You Start Potty Training Your Baby?

Just a warning, in case you were expecting gems of potty knowledge: I have no idea. I’m hoping you can help.

My son is 2 1/2 and is not potty trained. Progress so far in potty training is thus: purchasing a potty at Ikea today. Of course out of the six colors available, he wanted a pink potty, but I wasn’t going to argue if it’s the one he wanted to buy. I’m guessing he’ll be more likely to use the one he wants, than if I had overruled him and insisted on blue.

Another woman in the store was buying one for her baby, who was barely toddling and looked about 18 months old. I’m feeling like I’m very late to the party.

But I have a friend with an intelligent, developmentally perfect in every other way, 3 year old who is not potty trained, and not even close.

So where does my son fit?

There’s various reasons why I haven’t started potty training, or potty learning, or whatever the politically correct term is now. In the last year, we’ve moved house several times, been traveling a lot, his dad moved out, new roommates moved in, family visiting, so there’s been plenty of other activities going on and change happening. I haven’t wanted to add in any more stress.

And I guess as long as he is out of diapers before he starts pre-school (which is at least a year away) it doesn’t matter. It’s not a race, is it? Just an end of doing diaper laundry. Yeah, I use cloth.

I’d love to have three fewer loads of laundry a week, and no diaper pail in the bathroom. I wouldn’t know what to do with all the extra time and space.

So I’m not worried that I’m starting late. But the problem is that I don’t even know where to start.

Let him run around naked? Sit him on the potty a couple of times a day and hope for success? Anyone have any potty advice, books or videos to recommend?

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