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Toddler Goes International… Grandparents and Great Grandparents,

toddlergoesgreatgrandparents.jpgWe live in America and this week we are visiting our families in the UK. We survived my in-laws, and now it’s my husband’s turn to visit his in-laws, we are now staying with my Mom and Dad.

Toddler finds a kindred spirit in my Dad. My Dad is the sort who can entertain a small child for hours with nothing more than a pile of shredded paper or his slippers and Toddler is entranced.

Toddler is the only baby in the family, so he has a lot of Nanas, Great Grandmas and Aunties. There’s a lot of people to see and names to remember, so Toddler simplifies it by calling everyone “Grandad”.

The grannies who come to visit sit round, and compare ailments, and try to out-brag each other, despite Toddler being everyone’s grandchild. Old habits are hard to break.

Greatgranny 1 – My eyes aren’t what they were, I can’t see a thing. Still he’s a handsome little man, isn’t he? Looks just like my son at his age, although without all that hair. I brought him that whatjamacallit over there, with the flashing lights. We never had those in my day.

(I think, Yeah, he has a mullet. So? He won’t wear a hat so it keeps his head warm. Anyway, I thought you couldn’t see. Thanks for the large plastic fire truck garage, but how on earth are we supposed to get it home on the plane?)

Greatgranny 2 – Yes, my shoulder is like that. I can’t get dressed without a whole tube of Bengay. I have so many photos of him now, my friends say what a handsome boy he is. And such a bright little thing, he can read books all by himself, did you know?

(Well, no, he can’t, but whatever. He does know letters though. My ultra-competitive aunt and sister are playing scrabble and Toddler comes up behind my sister and shouts out A! B! B! P! causing strategic loss of triple word score to my aunt.)


It was lovely to see all my wonderful family. I’m so sad to leave but it’s time to go. I wish with all my heart I lived nearer to my family.

We board the plane back to the States. We get home uneventfully, and a few days later, we are all running on Central time again. Toddler, however, appears to be running on Eastern Samoan time. I think it’s time for a nap.

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