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Toddler Goes International… Far Flung Families

toddlergoesfamilies.jpgMy husband and I are British, and we live in the Midwestern US with our toddler. All our families, including the in-laws, are back home in Britain, 3000 miles away. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I’m not sure.

I have friends who’s entire family, and all the in-laws, live in a 50-mile radius. So convenient if you need a baby sitter, but perhaps too convenient for the in-laws to pop by whenever they please. So is having family close a good thing, or a bad thing? I’m not so sure about that either.

Currently, visiting family involves a long-haul flight with a small, grumpy passenger who enjoyed the first 15 seconds of the flight but now wants to do something else. Whizz around all the grannies, grandads, great-grannies, aunties etc who all have to see toddler since he’s the only baby in the whole family, and do long-haul flight back home. It’s a bit stressful.

And them visiting? My family visits for a week or two, every few months, that’s perfect. But my in-laws come once a year, and stay for a . I like my in-laws, they are very nice people, but after a while, with a month of in-laws yawning before me, I start wishing cockroaches would invade my house so they would just go home. But the bonus of that is, 11 straight months of no in-laws whatsoever, and no chance of them popping by for a coffee and staying all afternoon and making acerbic comments about the play-dough squished onto the couch or the toddler’s goldfish-only or banana-only or whatever it is this week diet.

I think I really wish my family was closer. I’d deal with my in-laws because I miss my mom, and my family, and it would make my husband happier, and we’d have people if there was an emergency, and our son would see more of his grandparents, who all adore him, and that’s what makes me most sad about living so far away.

I’m not sad this week, because in a few days off to Britain to see our families. One week of intense grandma and grandad and toddler fun, and mom and dad can sleep late, and toddler will be stuffed full of chocolate and be pushed on the swings far longer than mom’s stamina ever could, and be allowed to jump on the bed, and do all the stuff he can’t do at home. Yay!

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