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Things That Go Bump on the Head

It was bound to happen. Everyone talks about how toddlers bang and bump their bodies into things, and my daughter is no exception to this. However, this week she did more than just walk into something because she wasn’t watching where she was going (typical behavior for her and something we are trying to work on changing) – she fell off the couch and banged her head. Hard. It immediately left her screaming, with a big blue raised bump on the side of her head.

While I know that we can’t always protect her and that bumps and bruises are a normal part of childhood, a bump on the head is another issue. After comforting her and putting an ice pack on it for as long as she would allow (read: not long), we gave her some extra love and some favorite toys, and before long she was back to her normal self.

Once the tears dried and we could reach our computers, my husband and I both got on the Internet to research toddler head bumps. We were comforted to see that most sources said that head injuries in babies and toddlers are not uncommon; however there are some things to watch for to make sure it’s not serious. Watch your child to make sure that they are acting normally; signs of serious trouble include bleeding or leaking from the eyes, nose or mouth; difficulty walking or talking; vomiting; unconsciousness; and abnormal tiredness or sleepiness.

Luckily, she didn’t seem to affected by the bump and has acted normally ever since, but it did serve as a heads up that there are things we cannot control and that kids do have accidents.

Head Injuries in Infants and Children

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