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Picky Eaters

pickyeaters.jpgMy daughter liked new and interesting foods from an early age. We were lucky that she never gave us much resistance when it came to mealtime and she was always willing to try the various foods we put on her plate. Once we became familiar with her likes and dislikes I tried to give her plenty of the foods she enjoyed while also introducing new foods regularly.

When my son came along we were a little shocked that he wasn’t as voracious an eater as his sister, especially considering he was a huge baby…we all just assumed that a baby who would nurse all day if I let him would take to solid foods like a champ. He didn’t warm up to it too quickly, and to this day he is sometimes a bit wary of new foods. He’ll try them (sometimes) and once in a blue moon he likes them, but I trudge forward and don’t fall into the trap of cooking one main meal and then a supplementary meal for my son. My stance is this: If you don’t like what I’m cooking, then you don’t have to eat.

In other words, Mommy isn’t a short-order cook.

I don’t serve foods that I know my kids will absolutely hate, but I refuse to allow our meal repertoire to dissolve into macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets every night. This works pretty well, actually, because we rarely ever have dinnertime battles in our house. The kids don’t whine for something different to eat because they know their only meal option is right there on their plate. As a bonus, my kids eat a wide variety of foods. My son has been a fan of hummus since he was a baby, and my daughter would rather have biscotti over a cookie any day.

As your baby starts to eat solid food, do him or her a favor and introduce a wide variety of foods. After all, there is something pretty cool about a baby with a sophisticated taste palate.

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