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My Toddler, the Rock Star

My Toddler, the Rock StarI am convinced that my toddler thinks she is a rock star. At just a few weeks past two years old, she has trashed so many rooms you’d think she is on tour, but her diva behavior doesn’t end there. We keep some of her clothes in a dresser in our living room, which we keep shut but, being a toddler, she has some sort of intrinsic need to open the drawers. She then proceeds to toss out every article of clothing from the dresser and strew them all over the living room — usually at the most inconvenient times, like when company is coming over.

Meal times are no different. If she doesn’t like a certain food, she is sure to either toss it over the edge of her high chair tray or hurl it at the wall. I simply cannot count the number of times she has overturned a bowl of food onto the floor, or dumped it onto the tray and then grabbed it with her hands. Same with her water glass – she loves to pour the water anywhere but inside her mouth.

Fortunately, she also enjoys cleaning up. One of her favorite activities is washing her hands, and she almost always willingly scrubs her hands at the sink, especially before and after meals. She usually helps with cleaning the living room as well, and is most likely to do so when an incentive is introduced. For a little Elmo or Kai Lan time, she will pick up her clothes and jam them into the dresser drawer one at a time, but only after she has tried on a few of them in ways they weren’t intended to be worn. She will take a blouse and wear it like a skirt, or a onesie and pull it over her head like a shawl. Then she’ll find a pair of my shoes and put them on her feet, usually with one on backwards. She’s a rock star, all right – one with a very, um, striking sense of style.

Does your toddler have rock star behavior?

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