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My Son’s…uh…Art?

Be forewarned: You shouldn’t read this post if you’re about to eat lunch. Or dinner. Or a snack, for that matter.

My son has a new habit, and I have no idea how to break him of it. Although he has potty trained with regards to everyday activities, when he goes down for a nap I still put a diaper on him because he’s not quite to an age where he can hold it in while he sleeps. He takes naps most days, but some days he decides he would rather play than sleep.

Here is where it gets gross.

Once in a while he’ll need to poop during naptime. Instead of yelling for me to come help him, or going to the bathroom on his own, he’ll remove his diaper, do his business on the floor, and then smoosh it into the carpet until I come upon this horrific discovery.

Hey, I told you it was gross.

He’s done this three or four times in the past couple of months, and I’m just about ready to just give up on naps altogether just to avoid this situation. I’ve tried making him help me clean it up, I’ve tried scolding, once I even tried crying but that was more involuntary than anything else. Really, who wants to have to clean that stuff up? I think it would bring just about anyone to tears.

Yet today the same thing happened again. My husband seems to think we need to be more stern, but I think I can’t get any more stern without giving the kid a spanking, and since I don’t spank there’s not much else I can do.

I’m open to suggestions on this one.

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