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My Car is Cluttered

I’ve already revealed in a previous post that my house is a bit of a mess. I keep up with the housework as best as I can, but working from home leaves me with little time to scrub the floors and dust in all those hard to reach spots. I’ve accepted this, and I figure when the kids start school I’ll get it all together.

Then there’s my car. Sometimes the inside of my car gets more cluttered than my house does. The problem with that is the fact that not only is the car cluttered, but I can’t escape it. We go to the store, the clutter comes with me. We go to the park, the clutter comes with me. It’s awful.

I try to get it cleaned out as often as possible but the kids have a tendency to load it back up no matter what I do. For a while, I banned any toys in the car and only allowed books, but that only lasted for so long. Don’t even get me started with how many Goldfish and Teddy Grahams are in crevices I can’t reach. (shudder)

It’s certainly better now than it used to be, and it sure seems as though the car gets just a little cleaner the older the kids get. At least now that we’re past the sippy cup phase, I don’t find sippies filled with mystery liquid under the seats anymore.

Every so often my husband will mention getting a new car, and each time I ask him to wait. Why get a new car if we’re only going to junk it up? Let’s wait until we’ve sufficiently wear this one out with the constant assault of toys, mud, and snacks and then we’ll talk about getting another one.

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