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Kids Unimpressed by Christmas…

redbike.jpgRemember how you couldn’t sleep Christmas Eve? The excitement and curiosity was almost too much. Dawn would barely crack before you were hitting the stairs at top speed, rushing to surprises wrapped in bows and colors.

I watched a home video of my niece and nephews this Christmas morning. My sister had to wake the kids up. That’s right, she woke the four year-old and sent him to see his brand new bike. He blinked, stared and looked back at her like…ok, cool. Then the four year-old woke the 10 year-old. There was at least a 5 minute lag time between the wake up call to Christmas and the kid appearing. My niece was faster, but not by much.


Each child had a brand new bike, stocking stuffers and presents under the tree. They also had $3.99 pillows. They hugged the pillows. The 10 year-old said the pillow was on par with the bike. The 9 year-old wasn’t sure. It was painful to watch. My sister and her husband was more excited than the kids.

I tried to give it a positive spin – they are so content, they don’t need much. But I’m still baffled – sleep through Christmas?!

To the kids defense, they are much more excited seeing family members and that’s what the day is really about. Maybe they’ve got it right – get excited about the people, not the stuff.

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

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