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It finally happened – Potty trained

itfinallyhappened.jpgAfter much frustration and reading just about anything I could get my hands on, my 3-year old son is ? POTTY TRAINED. We pleaded, we bribed but all he wanted to do was number one. He was introduced to the toilet from early on; well before his first birthday he was seeing his parents use the bathroom.

We decided not to force him and just let nature takes its course, after all, some of the experts said that he would go when he was ready. I was actually thinking that something may be physically wrong why he wasn?t using the potty or toilet at three. My research has indicated that sometimes physical factors can interfere with potty training.

Last week he went to the bathroom by himself as usual to do his thing, but I realized that he was gone much too long. I went just in time to see my little man sliding off the seat and declaring, ?Mommy, I potty trained myself.? I was dumbstruck and brought to tears ? I had to call his dad to witness what had just happened.

So, at three years and four months, he?s potty trained. Maybe if I am blessed with another child I?ll start earlier, but then again, it?s so easy to make plans. I sure hope my experience with Jalen will give comfort to other mothers, parents who are having potty training issues.

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