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Help Me Learn How To Discipline

helpmediscipline.jpgAs the mother of a strong-willed three-year old I sometimes find it hard to instill discipline and set boundaries. Time-out which isn’t really a Jamaican phenomenon doesn’t work for more than a few minutes. He’s so inventive, all he does during this time is create stories to entertain himself.

The ‘naughty corner’ doesn’t work any more, especially now that he’s being home schooled and no longer goes to the nursery. I feel that being home schooled is a factor here because there are no other children around that he wants to play with instead.

I’ve taken up having discussions with the little man about the consequences of being disobedient and the rewards that come with being obedient. He understands, and promises to be good next time around, but of course he often returns to not listening or obeying in short order. The funny thing about all of this is that he doesn’t disobey rules like no playing in the street or going through the gate alone – so I know he understands.

This constant battle of wills can be wearing at times – although I do enjoy when he explains his behavior with good reasoning and logic, I know it is important to set boundaries. Spanking is not illegal in Jamaica and kids still get punished that way, but I don’t like it and plan on avoiding going down that route.

I’ve been reading and trying to implement some of ideas that the experts recommend about disciplining the strong-willed toddler, but I must confess that some of the suggestions are just not cutting it in my book. Real life experiences and suggestions from real-live parents is what I prefer.

It is also important to me that while disciplining my little man I don’t kill his spirits and sense of self. I believe that self-confidence and other admirable attributes are developed early on and I want to nurture those.

So what do you do to get your toddler to obey you and follow the rules you set’ Share your techniques, successes and failure with this mom who’s desperate for help.

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