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Father knows best, too

Father knows best, too
fatherknowsbest.jpg Since it?s my husband?s birthday, and since I insist on being right on things about 99% of the time, I thought it would be a nice gift to mention one of the times when I was (gasp!) wrong?and how it?s good for new moms to remember that dads are parents, too. When we had our son, I was the one at home doing the nighttime feedings, the diaper changes, the play time. I knew his schedules, his cries, his needs, and it was easier for me to just do everything since I already knew all about my son ? or so I thought.
When I would rock my son to sleep at night, I would put on some music to help with the transition to the crib. Of course, we?ve all heard how great classical music is for little, developing minds, so I got a kids? CD of classic tunes and used that. The only problem: my son wouldn?t go to sleep. Just the opposite, in fact: he get fussy and agitated.

After about three nights of this, my husband came into the nursery to see what was the matter. When he saw our fussy kid, he suggested that maybe it was the music. No, I insisted, it can?t possibly be that; it?s classical! Soothing! Brain enhancing! Yes, my husband said, I know that, but listen to how fast the tempo is. And so I did listen and realized that it was a little, um, up tempo (Picture ?Flight of the Bumblebees? a few ticks slower, and that?s the general idea). My husband left the room, and came back with another CD in hand. Try this, he said: . And from track one, it was lights out for our son. We played it constantly for him, and now our newborn daughter gets to listen to it, too. (Through extensive listening, we?ve discovered that skipping right to track nine gets the eyelids closed the fastest.) Although I can no longer go to a jazz club without feeling drowsy, it was the first of many wonderful ideas my husband has brought to parenting. So moms, next time you feel it?s easier to take care of a parenting chore on your own, resist and let dad take over. Today?s diaper change can lead to tomorrow?s afternoon with the baby (so you can go out and get some time to yourself).

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