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6 Potty Training Tips

We had a break-through moment last night. Our two-year old said “pee-pee”, looked at his potty, and with a little assistance from me, we had “potty success”! I praised him, gave him a treat, then he watched as I poured the contents of his potty into the toilet, flushed and said “Bye-bye pee-pee!”.

I learned from our older kids that it’s best not to rush the potty-training process. Boys are often not completely trained until around age three. I hear that girls usually reach that goal a bit earlier, but can only speak as a boy-mom.

My son was walking around wearing¬†just a tee-shirt not too long ago. He grabbed a diaper and handed it to me, then went off to seek out privacy and “do his thing”. Knowing that he “had to go” and not having an accident was huge progress for us.

The next day, we went shopping. We picked out some pretty cool big boy underpants with the Yo Gabba Gabba characters on them (he loves that show!). I remember when my oldest son was 2 or 3 and Spiderman was all the rage; we got some Spiderman underwear. I used to say, “Spiderman is so cool. Let’s try not to get him wet or dirty”, to discourage him from having accidents.

We have a package of Pull-ups but I’m thinking they will get more use when we are further along in potty-training. I think of them as disposable underwear, as a safety net in case we don’t get to the potty in time. Summer is a great time to let your little one run around bare-bottomed with the potty close by.

Tips to Help You Potty Train Your Toddler

  • Look to see if your child shows an interest in the potty. If he tells you that he has “to go”, that’s a huge step–even if he then wets or soils his diaper.
  • Accidents, of course, will happen, and from everything I’ve read, as well as my own instinct, it’s important not to make a big fuss about them. Encouraging progress and saying “Oh well, these things happen” and moving on after set-backs keep the potty-training process moving in a positive direction.
  • When you are potty-training, be sure to get your child to sit on his/her potty before naps, before you leave the house for an outing, and before you leave your destination for the ride back home.
  • Prizes and rewards charts make the process fun, as does reading a story each time your child sits on his potty. Lately, we’ve been singing “The Potty Dance” song from the Huggies Pull-ups commercial.
  • For boys, there’s always the fun “aiming game”; put some Fruit Loops in the toilet as their little targets! It is recommended, however, that boys first learn to go “number one” while sitting down,¬†and tackle standing up only after they’ve learned to go “number two” in the potty.
  • I will take a portable potty seat on the road with us when my son is closer to being trained. We have one that folds up and fits easily into a diaper bag, although the ones with handles add extra security while tiny feet dangle from big those big toilets!

I look forward to more potty-training success. Good luck to you and your toddlers as you work toward this huge milestone!

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