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5 Things to Do With Old Baby Toys

Once your baby moves out of the itty-bitty phase and becomes a bona fide toddler, you will probably look around and realize that you have a house full of baby toys that aren’t really appropriate for your child anymore. If you’re anything like me you’ll feel a little emotional about your child not longer needing infant toys, but it’s an opportune time to get into the habit of not allowing your home to get overwhelmed with them. Instead, get into the habit of periodically purging toys and you will avoid the problem of toy overload.

So what do you do with all of the toys your child no longer plays with? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pack them up and store them. This is the best idea if you think there will be more babies in your future. All of the toys that your child could care less about now will seem like the best thing ever to a new baby. Clean up all the toys before your store them so you won’t open up a box full of germy toys a few years down the road.

  2. Pack them up for just a little while. The toy car that your son hasn’t picked up in two weeks will suddenly seem new and interesting if it disappears for a few months and then suddenly reappears. Don’t use this tactic with toys your child cares about because that’s just mean, but if you put some of the toys your child has long since disregarded away then there is a good chance these toys will get a welcome reception when they show back up.

  3. Donate the toys. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, or if you want to pass along all the fun your child had with these toys to someone else, consider donating the toys to a charity. I try to routinely drop a box or two off at Goodwill every six months or so in an effort to keep my house from getting overrun with clutter. I’ve also donated toys to the nursery at the church I attend and even gave a small bag of toys to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop because they had a corner with toys and coloring books for kids. Donating toys is a win-win situation; you get rid of some clutter and you get to do something nice.

  4. Sell the toys. Consignment shops are all the rage where I live. Most of the moms I know either buy or sell (or both) at these stores and enjoy making some cash from the toys while also buying toys for less than they would pay if they bought them new. From what I understand, you have to clean the toys up pretty well before you try to sell them and sometimes the profit you make it not very much at all, but this is certainly one option for getting rid of excess toys.

  5. Swap the toys. Maybe it isn’t a matter of your child outgrowing the toys, but rather a case of your child simply being bored with the toys. My friends and I used to have toy swap playdates where we would all bring the toys our kids didn’t play with anymore and everyone would leave with something different. The kids were thrilled, of course, because they left the playdate with a “new” toy.

Don’t let your house become a dumping grounds for toys. If you can get into the habit of addressing old toys periodically then you will save yourself from toy overload.

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