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5 Handy Uses For Baby Wipes

My two year old was unusually quiet, just sitting in the family room the other day. Somehow, I’d missed him a few minutes earlier, pulling a chair up to the pantry and helping himself to a chocolate covered granola bar. (We have “big kid” treats and snacks for the older boys and since our toddler is such a monkey, he gets to lots of things I try to keep out of his reach; it’s quite a challenge!).

I looked over at my chocolate-smudged sofa and was not happy to realize I was out of upholstery cleaner. I grabbed the box of baby wipes and wiped away the stains. I’m sure if they’d had time to set in or got smeared around more, it would have been harder to do, but–lucky for me–the wipes did the trick!

This got me to thinking about the many possible uses for baby wipes (other than for babies’ bottoms).

Here are some ways you might use baby wipes:

  1. To remove makeup. They work like a charm and are cheaper than makeup remover. Unscented wipes for sensitive skin are best to use around your eyes.
  1. To freshen up on a hot day. Keep a box in your car or a small case of wipes in your bag (you probably already have them in your diaper bag). When you’re hot and sticky, a quick wipe of your face and neck feels great!
  1. To wipe crayon marks from the walls. This was another discovery I made when my little artist recently decided to doodle on the walls. (I think we’ve all been there!)
  1. To remove stains from clothes. I have not tried this but heard that if you catch a stain right away, a baby wipe will usually get it out.
  1. To wipe off your car console, dashboard and steering wheel. Keep a box of wipes in your car and they can be great for that dust that accumulates on your dashboard or drinks that spill or leak in car cup-holders.

There are probably more uses for baby wipes that I’m not aware of…I’d love to hear your ideas!

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