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The Amazing Standing Diaper Change

Babies, who are awkward creatures at the best of times, can fight diaper changes tooth and nail. Traditionally, babies are changed lying on their backs, and while this is workable for non-mobile babies, once they can roll away or crawl away or get up and run away and laugh at you standing impotently with wipes […]

Team 9 Months will march for babies in Savannah

Springtime will be here soon and it’s time to put on those walking shoes for a stroll in the park. So why not march for a cause? Take the baby on the pram. Take the whole family. Take your friends. “One day…all babies will be born healthy. We need to walk there.” This is the […]

Learning To Walk

Learning to walk is the most bittersweet baby milestone. Babies are so utterly delighted that they can do something as amazing as walking you can’t help being as thrilled as they are. But now baby is walking, he’s not a baby any more – he’s a toddler! What’s a normal age to begin walking? Some […]

High Heels For Babies

High heels for a baby? Yes, really it is true. Today I discovered a company called Heelarious, which manufactures tiny shoes with heels. The shoes have been created in the United States by two childhood friends, Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, and are ‘specifically designed for babies.’ I was wondering what that really means. How […]

Walk a Million for Heart Disease

Still trying to lose that baby weight? Every magazine on the newsstand seems to tout a new way to ?walk off the weight.? But you know what? Combined with a healthy diet filled with lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains, walking really does work! Walking is also the perfect exercise during pregnancy. The American […]

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