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Delayed Development or Time for Concern?

Being able to recognize signs of developmental delays early is important for early intervention. Once a child seem to be behind his peers in certain milestones it may be time to discuss your concerns with a pediatrician.

The Unsung Milestones…Stop Worrying Baby Isn’t Walking Yet

It is so, so, so exciting to see your baby take her first steps. The expression of amazement, concentration, and joy on her face, the adorable, wobbly, tentative steps, the priceless moment when they realize that nothing is holding them up. Cue startled expression, loss of balance, and ker-plop onto the floor. Having spent the […]

When’s that baby gonna’ walk?!

Well, my baby girl is now 13 months old. She cruises around the furniture without a second thought. She pushes chairs around the dining room making “vroom” sounds like a little boy. She has even stood up for several seconds 0n a couple of occasions before she realized she wasn’t holding anything. But she will […]

Are Shoes For Babies A Good Idea?

My pocketbook is glad that I had a boy. Because if I’d has a girl, I’d be spending a fortune on adorable little outfits and cute dresses and lovely little shirts and hats and hair bows and leggings and sweet little shoes.  My son has six pairs of pants and seven shirts and various socks […]

Puddles: God’s Gift To Toddlers

We are in the middle of the spring thaw, and snow, and thaw again. Then soon we’ll have spring rain, and storms, and all of that weather means one thing that toddlers love. Puddles. I’m encouraging my daycare baby, who is a wobbly try away from her first steps, to get walking so she can […]

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