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How Your Life Changes Once Baby Becomes a Toddler

Something strange happens right around the time your last child gets out of diapers, or at least it happened to me and the majority of my fellow mom friends. After having spent so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs and accepting sleep deprivation as fact for so long, you rub your eyes and take […]

Are SAHM Kids Healthier?

I used to be an office-based working mom. Currently I am a work at home mom (wahm), which unfortunately, many people don’t take seriously as work. But I am a working mom and my kids are at a childcare facility while I am typing this on my home computer. It is with trepidation that I […]

Did you take your kids to work yesterday?

Yesterday, April 23 was the annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day” in the US. Even the White House allowed such an event, despite the security hassles involved, and the young guests were hosted by the First Lady Michelle Obama herself (read transcript here). And the First Lady had to answer all sorts of questions, […]

What is a “full-time” mom?

I have become kind of sensitive lately. You see, I am on a leave of absence from my other job;being a high school teacher. Since then, I have started hearing a lot of people say things like, ‘So you’re a full time mom now?’ That begs the question: what percent mom was I before? Don’t […]

The Rise of the Work-at-Home-Mom

Some moms have a job that they love, so they make the (still difficult) decision to go back to work after they become mothers. Other women decide that being a mom is just what they want to do, and all they want to do. And in-between, there’s most of us – we want to spend […]

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