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Video Game Consoles Might Be Dangerous

Like I needed another reason to detest video games. I’ve always thought of video games as a pretty big waste of time. They’re overpriced and addictive, and the consoles could really do some damage if they landed on a child’s head. Now Green Peace has released a report that makes the claim that game consoles […]

Raising Active Kids

According to an article on American Trails, visits to the United States National Parks have been steadily decreasing over the years. And everywhere we turn, experts are warning us about the negative effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the number one being that our children are becoming the same. Coupled with the unhealthy eating habits […]

New Gaming Systems as Childhood Exercise?

I recently overheard a department store employee tempting a mother to purchase one gaming system over another largely because the “extra activity of this system will burn off more energy.” Mom seemed intrigued. Looking down the aisle, I noticed her son was a couple Oreo’s short of “husky” size. So I give the salesman credit […]

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