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Liquid Tylenol for Infants Recalled

Johnson & Johnson is recalling more than half a million bottles of Grape Liquid Tylenol for children under the age of 2 years old due to a dosing issue which can occur if a protective covering is mistakenly broken while extracting the medicine form the bottle. So far, no injuries have been reported and parents […]

Nursing a Cold While Breastfeeding

It stinks to be a sick mom. There’s no way around that. Housework still needs to be done, dinner cooked, children cared for – even if you feel as if you just want to down a shot of Nyquil and crawl under the covers for about a week. When you’re a nursing mother – whether […]

Tylenol Overdose

I’m considering this a warning to move anything poisonous way, way out of reach of a toddler. I was putting my daycare baby down for her nap this morning. My toddler decided to go looking through her diaper bag, and finds a bottle of Tylenol. Either daycare baby’s mom didn’t do the bottle up properly, […]

Baby’s First Christmas – Sick

Is it just me, or do children usually come down with some sort of illness around the holidays? Perhaps it’s the change in weather, the stress, or just the amount of activity and changes in the schedule, but I seem to remember more “sick” holidays than “well” holidays. Then again, I suppose a Christmas spent […]

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