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Our Top 10 Favorite Tweeting Moms of 2010

When I set out to list my 10 favorite people on Twitter, I did not realize how hard it would be. BabiesOnline follows so many awesome people, even limiting the list to awesome moms was hard to do. This list isn’t in any particular order because every one of these moms is on here for […]

Moms Talk: How To Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

On Monday, we posed a question to the Babies Online Community: “How do you get baby to sleep through the night?” Many of the perceived “problems” with infants who don’t sleep through the night are not actually problems, but misconceptions about a newborn’s sleep patterns. As Facebook Fan Kimberly Columbo Mitchell astutely points out, “Babies […]

Babies on Twitter? Networking Through Pregnancy?

There’s a new trend in social media networking. Baby bloggers. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call them micro-bloggers, as I haven’t seen a full-length post yet. (Would their small size make them “micro micro-bloggers?”) An adorable infant, two months and two weeks old, named “MeGrowUp” recently followed me on Twitter. I followed […]

The Red Kettle Goes Virtual

I remember one particularly difficult holiday season when my ex and I had both lost our jobs and found out that we would have to move from the place we were renting. This would have been hard enough to handle, but the fact that we had 4 children and that the holidays were approaching made […]

Moms Mad at Motrin Use Twitter to Incite Boycott

Motrin’s new ad campaign, “Mom-alogue,” has in a way, done exactly what it was intended to do: get mothers talking. However I don’t think they quite expected this. Moms, dads, and other Tweeters are spittin’ mad for what they believe is a degrading commercial video at What did they do about it? They took […]

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