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Funny Video: Babies Talking to Each Other

I saw this video that I just had to share. This takes baby communication to a whole new level!

Breastfeeeding Angelina Jolie captured in bronze

The sculptor Daniel Edwards always like controversial subjects. I mean, remember the nude statue of Britney Spears giving birth to her son Sean Preston? Or Suri Cruise’s baby poop in bronze? Or Paris Hilton’s unborn twin fetuses? This time it’s Angelina Jolie and her twins who inspired Edwards. If you remember, Jolie posed for the […]

One Time World’s Oldest Mother Dies at 69

Almost three years ago, Maria del Carmen Bousada gave birth to twins, setting the record as the oldest mother ever at age 66. This record was broken by Rajo Devi Lohan of India last year who gave birth for the first time at the ancient age of 70. However, Bousada is still the oldest mom […]

Making twins – in the lab

What happens when you are down to your last embryo and your chances of producing more are slim? This is a question facing many parents who are undergoing IVF. And this Greek fertility expert seems to have found a solution – artificially split up the embryo. In the process, Karl Illmensee, laboratory director at the […]

When’s that baby gonna’ walk?!

Well, my baby girl is now 13 months old. She cruises around the furniture without a second thought. She pushes chairs around the dining room making “vroom” sounds like a little boy. She has even stood up for several seconds 0n a couple of occasions before she realized she wasn’t holding anything. But she will […]

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