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“First Love, Second Chance” Casting Call

I know that most of our readers are married, but still I thought I would pass on this interesting email I received.  Please note that I have not verified its integrity, that is up to you… Hi my name is Tony Miros and I am working with TVLand on a new program called “First Love […]

Data Shows Unstable TVs, Furniture and Appliances Pose Deadly Danger to Children

Data Shows Unstable TVs, Furniture and Appliances Pose Deadly Danger to Children WASHINGTON, DC – Found in various rooms of the home, large furniture such as TVs, chests, armoires, and appliances are staples in our homes. But these items can tip over and crush children, causing injury or death. Last year, CPSC identified this issue […]

France Bans Baby TV – Should America Ban Baby Television Shows?

Last week, France banned television shows aimed at the under threes. US channels like BabyFirstTV and Baby TV air in France. Legislators, concerned about possible developmental delays in babies who watch too much TV, called the BabyFirstTV and Baby TV channels a “danger”, and these channels will be going off-air in France. French cable broadcasters […]

Manage & limit kids’ tv time

Everything in moderation seems to be a good motto for, well, just about everything. When it comes to children watching television, there are several ways to discourage them from becoming couch potatoes: Keep other fun activities, such as puzzles, board games, books and art supplies in the same room as the television, to remind kids […]

The Baby Borrowers: Birth Control or Child Abuse?

The Baby Borrowers premiered on NBC on Wednesday night. The premise of the show is to give teenage couples a real baby to look after, so they can find out exactly what it’s like being parents. The supposed aim is that teenagers will watch the show, and realize that being a mom or dad is […]

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