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Toddlers and Growth Spurts

Toddlers grow at an incredible rate, but every so often a massive growth spurt would hit and I would be shocked at how much height my toddler had seemingly gained overnight. One day my child’s pants would fit, and the next day they wouldn’t. Luckily there are places out there to trade in your used […]

Toddlers: A Reflection of Yourself

Do you want to get an accurate view of what you are really like? If you recently had a baby, or if you are readying to have a baby soon, just wait. As your baby reaches toddlerhood and starts talking and moving around more independently, you will suddenly be forced to have a look at […]

Review: Smart Trike Zoo Cow 3-in-1 Tricycle

I’m always excited to try out new products, but my kids were even more excited than me when sent us the Smart Trike Zoo Cow 3-in-1 Multi Feature Children’s Tricycle. I’m amazed the UPS guy made it off our porch in one piece with how excited the kids became after catching a glimpse of […]

6 Potty Training Tips

We had a break-through moment last night. Our two-year old said “pee-pee”, looked at his potty, and with a little assistance from me, we had “potty success”! I praised him, gave him a treat, then he watched as I poured the contents of his potty into the toilet, flushed and said “Bye-bye pee-pee!”. I learned […]

5 Handy Uses For Baby Wipes

My two year old was unusually quiet, just sitting in the family room the other day. Somehow, I’d missed him a few minutes earlier, pulling a chair up to the pantry and helping himself to a chocolate covered granola bar. (We have “big kid” treats and snacks for the older boys and since our toddler […]

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