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Toddler Goes International… Grandparents and Great Grandparents,

We live in America and this week we are visiting our families in the UK. We survived my in-laws, and now it’s my husband’s turn to visit his in-laws, we are now staying with my Mom and Dad. Toddler finds a kindred spirit in my Dad. My Dad is the sort who can entertain a […]

Toddler Goes International… Visiting with the Grandparents

Toddler looks supremely worried to see two exuberant people with manic grins bearing down on him. It’s OK, I tell him, this is your Grandma and Granddad. They haven’t seen you for six months. We’ve just got off the train to see my in-laws. They have come to the train station to meet us, and […]

Toddler Goes International… Toddler and The Train

We are visiting the UK to see our families this week, and I’m delighted to report we all survived our flight. We narrowly missed the plane, Toddler (and Daddy) fell in love with a real Ferrari on a win-a-Ferrari display at the airport and we lost track of time until the airline had to page […]

Toddler Goes International… Surviving a Flight With A Small Child

So we are about to take our toddler to visit family in England. Sorry, wait a minute. What’s that, honey? My husband just asked me what I was doing. I told him, I’m writing about flying with small children. Oh, my husband said, that’s easy. They don’t serve alcohol on domestic flights any more, but […]

Toddler Goes International… Far Flung Families

My husband and I are British, and we live in the Midwestern US with our toddler. All our families, including the in-laws, are back home in Britain, 3000 miles away. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I’m not sure. I have friends who’s entire family, and all the in-laws, live in a […]

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