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Dealing with Being Sick: When Mom Gets Ill

It’s awful when our little ones get sick. Then, once we have cuddled them and soothed them and worried about them and stayed up with a coughing baby, and sent our husbands out to buy Motrin at 4 a.m., they get better, and we get sick with the same thing. It’s winter, which means coughs, […]

France Bans Baby TV – Should America Ban Baby Television Shows?

Last week, France banned television shows aimed at the under threes. US channels like BabyFirstTV and Baby TV air in France. Legislators, concerned about possible developmental delays in babies who watch too much TV, called the BabyFirstTV and Baby TV channels a “danger”, and these channels will be going off-air in France. French cable broadcasters […]

Exposing a 3 year old to the Olympics

Seeing as though the Summer Olympics comes around every four years, I believe it is important to watch them actively each time. Admittedly, I haven’t watched as much as I have in the past, but this is due to the fact that I have a child now and don’t want to sit glued to the […]

The Economy is Struggling, Money is Tight, But Would Your Sell Your Eggs?

Times have been tough lately. What have you done to economize? I’ve been biking more and driving less, shopping for only seasonal produce, and I had my cable TV disconnected and replaced by a Netflix subscription (update: don’t miss television at all!) Some women are considering more interesting options to help with their finances. Fertility […]

Reality or Gloss–Teen Pregnancy and the Media

At the grocery store, I am confronted by front page pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears and her new baby while waiting to checkout. I might not even be inclined to notice too much except for the fact that my teenage daughter points the magazine out. The headline proclaims how being a mom is the best […]

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