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Most recent articles in the category Tantrums

Conquering the 3 Woes of the Terrible Twos

Whether you’re a new mom or a mom for the second or third time, when those notorious terrible twos creep around the corner, it can bring along a case of the mommy-blues. You may not know …

Toddlers and Growth Spurts

Toddlers grow at an incredible rate, but every so often a massive growth spurt would hit and I would be shocked at how much height my toddler had seemingly gained overnight. One day my child’s pants would fit, and the next day they wouldn’t. Luckily there are places out there to trade in your used […]

How To Recognize Your Child’s Bad Habits Before They Begin

When my first baby was born I had a hard time getting her to sleep at night unless she was lying on my chest. Any reasonable new parent with an iota of experience dealing with newborns wouldn’t have done what I did, but you can probably guess how I got her to sleep every night. There […]

Keeping Your Cool When Baby is Freaking Out

Let’s face it: Babies and toddlers have temper tantrums at the most inopportune times.  Whether you’re in line at the grocery store or sitting in a church service, young kids seem to have a sixth sense about when it is the worst time to start crying and get upset.  Some might make the claim that […]

Toddler Goes International… Surviving a Flight With A Small Child

So we are about to take our toddler to visit family in England. Sorry, wait a minute. What’s that, honey? My husband just asked me what I was doing. I told him, I’m writing about flying with small children. Oh, my husband said, that’s easy. They don’t serve alcohol on domestic flights any more, but […]

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