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Halloween Candy: The Truth About The Treats

THE weekend kids have been waiting for is over. For many health-conscious moms like me, it’s a nightmare of a weekend. Still, Halloween can be a fun affair without endangering our children’s health. For starters, let us take a look at some facts and myths regarding Halloween treats, courtesy of the University of Carolina School […]

“Free Cookies For Kids” in Grocery Stores: Good or Evil?

Scenario 1: Take Toddler to SuperTarget. Toddler wants to “help” push cart, in reality crash it into other shoppers and large thanksgiving display. Toddler refuses to sit in cart. Toddler runs away and starts collecting random items to throw into the cart (cereal that I know he doesn’t like, moth balls, on-sale Halloween merchandise, valiant […]

The Day After Halloween: Which Candy is Safe For my Toddler?

If your family participated in the holiday celebrations, you are probably overwhelmed at the sheer amount of candy your children have gotten in a few hours! I admit that I don’t buy candy for my kids. When Halloween arrives, they absolutely love to trick-or-treat and they actually list the different types of candy they have […]

Is Fructose The Healthy Sugar?

Fructose is the sugar that naturally occurs in fruit. Because of this it is often thought to be healthier than other sugars and is used as a sweetener in many foods. It doesn?t raise the blood sugar levels as much as table sugar (sucrose) and so it was recommended to those with diabetes and blood […]

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