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Can Stress Prevent Pregnancy?

British researchers at University of Oxford tell us this may be true. It took me 5 years to conceive. During this period, I experienced excitement, anxiety and yes – stress – each month as I waited for my ovulation cycle to be completed. Meanwhile, family and friends and that tirelessly ticking biological clock were putting […]

How Your Life Changes Once Baby Becomes a Toddler

Something strange happens right around the time your last child gets out of diapers, or at least it happened to me and the majority of my fellow mom friends. After having spent so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs and accepting sleep deprivation as fact for so long, you rub your eyes and take […]

Habits of a Healthy Family

With families so busy these days it’s sometimes hard to make time for your health by exercising. How can you justify an hour at the gym away from your family when you haven’t seen them all day and dinner’s still up in the air? With parents working harder than ever, homework piling up for kids, […]

Mommy mantras (and other tips for getting through the day)

I don’t think I’m the only mom who has needed to take a “time out” for myself during stressful moments or days. I’ve found that it’s a good idea to find calming mantras to repeat and even use imagery to “escape” from life’s daily hassles. I’ve always used the saying “Let go, Let God”, when […]

5 Quick Breaks for New Parents

One of the things about being a new mom that totally caught me by surprise was the complete lack of time to myself.  I guess I figured I would be able to steal away occasionally to gather my thoughts or to catch a little break, but I soon discovered that – at least in my […]

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