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5 Things to Do With Old Baby Toys

Once your baby moves out of the itty-bitty phase and becomes a bona fide toddler, you will probably look around and realize that you have a house full of baby toys that aren’t really appropriate for your child anymore. If you’re anything like me you’ll feel a little emotional about your child not longer needing […]

Reduce Clutter and Save Money on Toys

While trying to de-clutter our space I discovered that most of the pruning seemed to be coming off of our toddler’s toy stash.  Because of this I decided to talk to friends who are also parents, and ask them what their toy philosophy is at home.  How many toys do their kids have?  How often […]

What To Do With Your Kid’s Arts and Crafts

Nowadays, it is much easier to document our children’s milestones: the first tooth, the first word, the first step. The subsequent years will be witness to the first day at kindergarten, the first soccer match or the first ballet recital. All these memories are easily captured in a digital camera, compiled in a digital photo […]

The Changing of The Seasons

When I was living in the Northern United States, Fall was my favorite season. I loved to watch the leaves change color! I am living in coastal southern Virginia now and Fall just simply doesn?t happen. Sometime around January, the leaves sort of fall off the trees and it gets cold. You know that Winter […]

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