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Baby Kick Count Monitors

Keeping “kick counts” is recommended by most doctors late in the second trimester.  To do a kick count, you count the number of movements or kicks.  After you get to 10 squiggles, rolls, kicks or flutters, you note how long it took from the beginning to the end of the session. Research done in th […]

Remembering The “Forgotten” Mothers on Mother’s Day

For many mothers, Mother’s Day is a day to be endured and survived, not celebrated.  I learned this on Mother’s Day 2006.  Our first born son had been stillborn and we’d buried him less than a month before.  I remember going to church that day and noticing that a baby baptism ceremony had been planned […]

Obstetricians also get traumatized during difficult deliveries

It’s every parent’s nightmare – stillbirth and perinatal death. But how do such tragic events affect the obstetricians (OBs) attending the delivery? Apparently, even doctors medically trained in childbirth can be traumatized by deaths of infants they delivered. OBs are trained to deal with new life and delivering good news. But it seems some lack […]

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funds research on stillbirth

Every year, more than 3 million babies worldwide die at birth as stillborn babies. In the US alone, over 10,000 babies are stillborn each year. There are many factors behind the problem and one of them is preterm delivery. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has recently given a 1 million USD study grant to […]

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