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Human Sperm Created in UK Lab

British scientists in Newcastle claim they’ve achieved another milestone in biomedical research – creating a human sperm in the lab for the very first time. How human sperm is created. Using stem cells from a human embryo, they simulated the crucial process of meiosis, a type of cell division that splits the number of chromosomes […]

Stem Cells Found in Fallopian Tubes

Stem cells and stem cell research have always been steeped in controversy mainly because the earliest source of stem cells discovered was the human embryo. This led to strong resistance against stem cell research based on ethical, moral, and religious grounds. Over the years, new, less controversial sources of stem cells have been identified, including: […]

Egg donors: science or fertility clinics?

If you donate your eggs to scientific research, you can’t receive any compensation. However, if you donate your eggs to fertility clinics, you can get thousands of dollars. This is according to laws of certain states in the US based on guidelines set by US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The non-compensation guideline is aimed […]

Women are stem cell gold mines

Stem cell research used to be one of the most controversial fields in science because of the practice of using human embryos as source of stem cells. Since then, stem cells have been found in different organs of the body from the umbilical cord, from the bone marrow, even from the skin. Lately, stem cells […]

Cord Blood Miracle?

Have you ever wondered what happens when cord blood is banked? What happens if your child needs it later in life due to an illness or other disability? So many steps are being made to advance the research and amazing uses of cord blood stem cells today. It is easy to dismiss the idea of […]

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