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Buying Baby Gear at Yard Sales

Minnesotans love yard sales. Perhaps it’s the local thrifty, practical Scandinavian heritage, but every weekend from now until fall neighborhoods here are bustling with yard sales. I expect it’s the same where you live now that spring is here. As a new Minnesotan, I love yard sales just as much as the long term residents. […]

Puddles: God’s Gift To Toddlers

We are in the middle of the spring thaw, and snow, and thaw again. Then soon we’ll have spring rain, and storms, and all of that weather means one thing that toddlers love. Puddles. I’m encouraging my daycare baby, who is a wobbly try away from her first steps, to get walking so she can […]

Excited about Summer Swimming? Cold Water Warning

Spring is arriving in the northern USA, at long last. After all that winter, I am so excited to do all those summer activities – eating ice cream, playing at the park, going to the beach and swimming. Something all parents and children need to be aware of that the water in lakes, pools, swimming […]

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