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The Importance of Sleep

I try very hard to not be judgmental about how other parents choose to raise their kids. It’s not like I haven’t bribed my toddler with a lollipop to get through a shopping trip, so I try not to tsk-tsk when I see other parents doing things that technically they aren’t supposed to do, at […]

Hanging on to Nap Time

As your child grows out of babyhood they’ll gradually decrease the amount of time in a day they spend sleeping.  The average amount of sleep may go down from 16-20 hours a day for babies up to 6 months, to 13 hours a day on average for those 1-2 yrs old, and then 12 hours […]

How To Recognize Your Child’s Bad Habits Before They Begin

When my first baby was born I had a hard time getting her to sleep at night unless she was lying on my chest. Any reasonable new parent with an iota of experience dealing with newborns wouldn’t have done what I did, but you can probably guess how I got her to sleep every night. There […]

Habits of a Healthy Family

With families so busy these days it’s sometimes hard to make time for your health by exercising. How can you justify an hour at the gym away from your family when you haven’t seen them all day and dinner’s still up in the air? With parents working harder than ever, homework piling up for kids, […]

Babies and Sleep

Sleep as much as you can now because, once the baby comes, you won’t sleep. This is advice that many parents-to-be hear – and promptly ignore. But my husband and I quickly learned just how true it is. Whether your baby is easy going or colicky, hungry all the time or a good eater, you […]

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