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Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

We moms with little ones usually have little time to take care of our own needs. The kids keep us busy and their needs usually come first. Here are some tips for looking your best, including what I’ve learned as a 40+ mom about skincare, makeup, hairstyle and color: Hairstyle Recently, I said “Go ahead” when my […]

I’m Lovin’ It: Earth Baby Organics

Like many people of my generation, I didn’t grow up having sunscreen slathered on me every time I set foot outdoors. While I know the health benefits of wearing sunscreen today, that doesn’t mean I like applying it – to me or my infant daughter. Many sunscreens feel greasy, tacky and oily after application. Put […]

Free Skin Care Samples

Click here to get your free sample of 100% Organic Skin Care Products from Lavera.


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Free Sample of Pristine Skin Care

Check out this Free sample of Pristine Skin Care. Clear up your acne, dry wrinkly, or oily skin with Pristine Skin Care Products.

Ways to prevent stretch-marks

I call them ?mommy marks?-they?re the scars which are left behind from the wear and tear our bodies endure from pregnancy. One of the most common of these is stretch marks. Besides pregnancy, these marks can result from other extreme weight fluctuations, from yo-yo dieting, to bodybuilding and even adolescent growth spurts. Cosmetic and dermatologic […]

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