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Study Claims That Children Equal Happiness

According to a recent study by the University of Glasgow in Scotland, the more children a couple have, the happier they are.  The catch?  This only holds true for married couples.  The same children and happiness correlation didn’t apply to single, co-habiting or separated parents. The study took into account not only marital status but […]

Thanksgiving, Divorce, and Blended Families

Last Thanksgiving wasn’t this complicated. This year, there’s me, my son, my boyfriend, his three kids, his ex-wife, her boyfriend, his ex and his kids, boyfriend’s dad, his girlfriend, boyfriend’s mom, her boyfriend, then there’s my ex-husband. (That sentence simplified: many divorced couples, new relationships, many kids from broken homes, not everyone is on civil […]

Single Motherhood is not Catching

I’m separated from my son’s father and for the most part, I’ve had some wonderful support from family and friends. It’s often hard to accept help, but I’m so grateful to have someone make me dinner, help look after my son, or just listen to me complain when my ex is being a pain. I’m […]

Military Parents

My husband is in the military. It’s how we met, actually , because I spent a few years in the Air Force as well. Consequently, my husband periodically has to leave sometimes, and unlike other husbands it’s not for a short business trip. We’re talking months on end. It’s not easy, but I understand his […]

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