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How Does the Disney Princess Influence Affect Your Child’s Self Esteem?

So we have a daughter, she’s 2.5 yrs old.  We both think the world of her and want her to grow up happy and fulfilled.  Additionally, my focus is for her to grow up polite, kind, courteous. Dad’s Take on Princess Stories My husband’s focus is something completely different.  He wants her to grow up […]

Body Confidence for Moms

It’s taken me about thirty years, but at last I think I’ve made peace with my body image. It’s been through diets, exercise regimes taken up and abandoned, my weight fluctuating between 100 and 160lbs, boyfriends, marriage, separation, a new relationship, and the most important factor: my son. Gaining pregnancy weight – a lot of […]

5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

All a parent wants is for their child to be happy. When you see your child struggling with making friends in school, being bullied, a parent no doubt hurts for their child. Study after study shows that a child with a healthy self-esteem gets along better with their peers, is less likely to be bullied, […]

The need to socialize

Build self-esteem and self-confidence. Strengthen rapport with peers. Increase empathy, sensitivity, the whole package of emotional connectedness. All these you can do by simply exposing your child to other children. Expose them early and they will be less jumpy, frightened, or angry when strangers are near. Train them well enough to recognise whom to trust […]

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