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Budgeting for Groceries: Preparation is Half the Battle

Before I was a mommy, “cooking” meant throwing a frozen pizza into the oven or throwing together some noodles and pasta from a jar.  My husband and I both worked full time so neither one of us really had any time to cook.  Or, perhaps more accurately, we didn’t have the inclination to cook. After our […]

Pregnancy Fashion

I don’t know if it’s because of all the pregnant celebrities popping up nowadays, but the pregnant women I see waddling around the mall sure seem to be well-dressed. I mean, they seem decked out in fashions that rival anything I wear, and I’m not even pregnant. Ask my mom what pregnancy fashions were like […]


I have two young kids. We don’t indulge in things like smoothies and ice cream cones every day while running around on errands, but once in a while I find that there’s nothing quite like the bribe of a treat to extend my kids’ patience. I can’t be the only parent out there who has […]

New Parents: Perpetual Consumers

You’ve probably heard from many other parents that you need to do your best to not go crazy with buying stuff for your new baby. It’s easier said than done, though, and for many reasons: 1. You have an innate desire to give your baby everything. 2. Brilliant marketers make us feel as though there […]

A Day in the Life of a SAHM: Saving on Groceries

About a month ago I was reading one of my many monthly magazines I subscribe to and I came across an article about saving on groceries. So, of course, this piqued my interest since I’m always up for saving money! The article talked about a website started by a single mom of two. She tracked […]

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