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Most recent articles in the category Safety

Which Baby Cribs Are Safe Anymore?

I used drop-side cribs for both of my kids. The funny thing is that these cribs oftentimes sat empty because more often than not my babies slept in bed with me. Co-sleeping was my solution to babies who woke up every twenty seconds or so to nurse (give or take a few seconds), but I […]

Pregnancy and X-Rays: Should You Be Concerned?

So here’s the complete and honest truth, most scientists disagree as to exactly what amount of damage brief and low radiation x-rays pose to your fetus. They agree that the effects may be small, but they don’t know how it affects an unborn baby, how much is safe, or at what level does it cross […]

Letting Kids Walk to School

School had already started here in Switzerland when the ‘walk to school’ debate started in the US in September this year. It was partly initiated by an article in the New York Times ‘Why can’t she walk to school?’ The story featured a mother who let her 7-year old girl, a second grader in upstate […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Huh. Color me ignorant. I had no idea that Halloween was considered the most dangerous holiday for kids. Thinking about it some more, it makes sense. Trick-or-treating in the dark, the pointy costume props, the costumes themselves which are easy to trip on, the possibility of injury is staggering. Children have a higher chance of […]

AAP Displeased With Baby Advertisements

If you leaf through your baby or parenting magazine you’d be sure to find one of those cute pictures of babies, pictures that will tug at any mommy’s heart. Unfortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is not pleased with many of them. Not in the least, according to this US News report. Because most […]

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