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Photo to Canvas Art – Review of ZaZaGallery Products

I have a photo of my kids at the Grand Canyon that I absolutely love (as seen to the right). My son and daughter stand at the edge of the canyon, she is doing an arabesque while wearing an incredibly vibrant dress and he is flexing. Behind them are all the amazing colors of the […]

Review: Germ Guardian Air Filter System

I’m a big fan of air cleaning systems because, for one reason or another, my house always seems to be assaulted by dust no matter what I do to try to combat it. So when Germ Guardian offered to send me a free air filter to try out in my dust-infested home, I jumped on […]

Review: The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding

I’m sorry, this contest is over. Congratulations to the winner! I breastfed like a champ with both of my kids, even nursing my daughter while I was pregnant with my son. It was not seamless, however, because when I initially started breastfeeding my first-born I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and […]

Squeaky Clean Tot: Product Review Site

BPA in baby bottles, phthalates in baby sunscreen, melamine in baby formula, lead in baby toys. What are parents supposed to keep their baby healthy? Move to a desert island and live like Swiss family Robinson? Buy your own organic farm? Unfortunately, these options are not feasible for most of us. Matilda is a very […]

Review: Healthy Child, Healthy World

This book starts out with a warning from the author to parents.  Readers are urged to not get overwhelmed by what they are about to read.  It’s a lot of information, the author admits, but don’t freak out.  I read that part and then continued on to the rest of the book, and promptly freaked […]

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