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Mad at Dad: Moms are Furious With Their Baby’s Fathers

Do you ever get angry with your husband/boyfriend/baby’s father? Actually, let me start over. If you ever feel angry with your baby’s father, you are in the company of just about every other mother in the universe. When I was pregnant, I looked into cloth diapering my son. I researched the pros and cons, did […]

Single Motherhood is not Catching

I’m separated from my son’s father and for the most part, I’ve had some wonderful support from family and friends. It’s often hard to accept help, but I’m so grateful to have someone make me dinner, help look after my son, or just listen to me complain when my ex is being a pain. I’m […]

Body Confidence for Moms

It’s taken me about thirty years, but at last I think I’ve made peace with my body image. It’s been through diets, exercise regimes taken up and abandoned, my weight fluctuating between 100 and 160lbs, boyfriends, marriage, separation, a new relationship, and the most important factor: my son. Gaining pregnancy weight – a lot of […]

How European Women Suffer through and Survive the Football Fever

There’s an epidemic raging on in Europe and it’s called football. And don’t tell the Europeans that it should be called soccer if you value your life. The European Football Championships are starting in Switzerland and Austria this weekend and the fever is soaring high despite the pouring rain. I have gone through this twice […]

Hey, Fighting With Your Spouse is Good for You

Seriously, a recent study has indicated that spouses who have verbal fights really do have better health and are therefore less likely to die early. Early results of the study conducted at the University of Michigan show that couples who do not resolve their differences and suppress their feeling are more likely to die earlier […]

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