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Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Many people, new parents included, are closely evaluating their purchases to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Some budget stretching ideas may include purchasing gently used items at thrift stores or borrowing items from friends. Another great way to stretch your budget dollars is to simply not buy items you won’t use regularly. Is […]

Recession: are we cutting down on the wrong things?

Surprise! Surprise! It’s lean times but we are actually getting fat! This is because we may be cutting down on the wrong things. A survey conducted by the American Heart Association is showing a troubling trend, people are skimping on healthy activities due to the bad economy! Let’s check out what we are doing wrong: […]

How the recession is affecting family life

The current recession is affecting everybody. Here are a few examples of how it is affecting family life. Role reversal: As the recession lengthens, more men are becoming unemployed and assuming the role of Mr. Moms. That leaves a lot of working moms as sole breadwinners. This is due to the fact that men are […]

Renting Your Womb in an Economic Crisis: Hopeful Surrogate Mothers Increase

Back in August I blogged about the increase in numbers of women trying to sell their eggs to make money. The economy was faltering back then, and now we are in a recession, even more women are considering other means to make money. Selling eggs can net a woman a quick $4,000, and being a […]

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