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Squeaky Clean Tot: Product Review Site

BPA in baby bottles, phthalates in baby sunscreen, melamine in baby formula, lead in baby toys. What are parents supposed to keep their baby healthy? Move to a desert island and live like Swiss family Robinson? Buy your own organic farm? Unfortunately, these options are not feasible for most of us. Matilda is a very […]

I’m Lovin’ It: Earth Baby Organics

Like many people of my generation, I didn’t grow up having sunscreen slathered on me every time I set foot outdoors. While I know the health benefits of wearing sunscreen today, that doesn’t mean I like applying it – to me or my infant daughter. Many sunscreens feel greasy, tacky and oily after application. Put […]

A Solution for Baby’s Dry Skin or Eczema

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream lotion was originally developed for use on dairy cows and the product still bears the instructions for use on cattle, as a treatment for cracked or sore udders. I first herd… sorry, bad joke… heard about Udder Cream from a friend whose six-month-old baby had eczema, and was having a difficult […]

Product Review: Cushi Tush Baby Seat

As an Attachment Parenting practitioner (more or less) I try to hold my daughter whenever possible. But she doesn’t care for the baby sling, so there are times during the day when she really needs to sit or lie down someplace and entertain herself. After she outgrew her bouncy seat and began devising ways to […]

Product Review: Angelcare BebeSounds Nursery Monitor

Like every mom, I worry about my baby when he’s sleeping. Is he too cold? too hot? is he comfortable? And nagging at the back of every mom’s mind is the worry of SIDS, or crib death. The latest AAP recommendations of how to keep your baby safe while sleeping have dramatically reduced the number […]

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