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Who Is Father’s Day About?

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15. (Who am I kidding? It’s men who forget days like this, right? All mothers already know that it’s Sunday, and probably already have a handmade card and craft all prepared.) Therefore, like most mass-marketed so-called “greeting card” holidays, we are, as consumers, literally inundated with “best gifts for […]

The Aftermath of a Birthday Party

Everybody is glad that the birthday weekend is finally over. It was fun, don’t get me wrong. We are so happy to see our twin boys superhappy. But the aftermath wasn’t that nice. It all started on Friday, their 5th birthday. I delivered them and two football-shaped (soccer-shaped to you, North Americans J) cakes to […]

Secret Santa gives family $2,000

A Nebraska family got the ultimate Secret Santa present, $2000. Bill Bradley, a construction worker, received a box at work Friday that contained an envelope full of money. It came from Santa with no other return address information. Instead of getting $20 each for Christmas, the Bradleys four children and one grandchild will now get […]

Presents Aren’t As Much Fun If They Find Them In November

Your child’s first Christmas is always special. And easy. At least, it’s easier than the rest. Let me explain. That first Christmas (and usually the second, depending on when they’re born), your young human is easy to please; they will be happy with anything that can at least partially fit in their mouth to accept […]

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