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6 Potty Training Tips

We had a break-through moment last night. Our two-year old said “pee-pee”, looked at his potty, and with a little assistance from me, we had “potty success”! I praised him, gave him a treat, then he watched as I poured the contents of his potty into the toilet, flushed and said “Bye-bye pee-pee!”. I learned […]

Potty Training Problems

I am currently in the process of potty training my daughter and it isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I read up a bit on potty training here on Babies Online and discovered a few false assumptions that I had made from the get go: My daughter is a girl, and aren’t girls […]

I’m Lovin’ It: Bumbo Baby Seat

This was the must-have baby product when I was pregnant, and along with all the other moms of newborns that I knew at the time, I bought one, despite the nagging doubt that I was wasting $40 on a blob of plastic. The buzz on the Internet swayed me – rave reviews from other moms […]

When Do You Start Potty Training Your Baby?

Just a warning, in case you were expecting gems of potty knowledge: I have no idea. I’m hoping you can help. My son is 2 1/2 and is not potty trained. Progress so far in potty training is thus: purchasing a potty at Ikea today. Of course out of the six colors available, he wanted […]

Free DVD on Potty Training

My son is now almost 18 months old, and I am beginning to think about potty training. He isn’t really showing signs of being ready to begin the process yet, but I’ve decided to do some research on potty training boys. My four previous children are girls and with DH away a lot traveling with […]

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