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Postpartum depression in the US

Is postpartum depression a common thing? One in five American women actually suffers from postpartum depressive symptoms (PDS). This is according to a survey recently published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The survey data was collected from 2004 to 2005 in 17 states. The highest incidence of PD was found in New Mexico (20.4%) […]

It Gets Easier

Today I was thinking back to when my daughter was a newborn. She was such a light sleeper that the sounds of the floorboards creaking outside her room woke her up instantly, and consequently I always dreaded heading off to bed at night because I had to walk through that very hallway. The memory that […]

Could Britney be suffering from postpartum depression too?

Britney Spears’ hospital stay has been extended to two more weeks. But before this, she made sure to fill the news with her antics, of driving around in her new car and getting lost, then getting hysterical. Britney supposedly has been prescribed with medications for bipolar disorder too, which she did not take and thus […]

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